About ASL Consulting

jwASL Consulting was founded by Jonathan Wright in 2011 to provide rapid development of equipment control systems.

Jonathan studied engineering at the University of Bath, and started work designing pharmaceutical test equipment. Following the completion of an MBA at the University of Exeter he worked for several years as a management consultant, before setting up ASL Consulting.

ASL aims to integrate into a project where the client has got their mechanical design/development under way. We design, build, test and integrate electronic control systems, using microcontroller or PLC technology. This includes electrical and electronic design (e.g. motor controllers, actuators, temperature sensors, displays, printers, buttons and keypads) and software design (‘state-machine’ logic or a menu-driven user interface).

No specification can be entirely comprehensive, which makes it essential for a designer to understand the requirements of the end-user. ASL will take time to correctly interpret your requirements, and will be able to recognise where additional functionality might benefit your project, or where expansion capabilities might prove advantageous in the future.

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